update to the FSOT
Becoming a FSO

FSOT February 2020 Updates

Update: The FSOT in 2020 Beginning with the February 2020 FSOT, as a part of the registration process, candidates will be asked to complete their Personal Narratives (PNs). Candidates will be asked to address the following six areas: Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Management Skills, Intellectual Skills, and Substantive Knowledge. Each of the six

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yahoo is shutting down yahoo groups
Becoming a FSO

Yahoo is shutting down the FSO Yahoo Groups

Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups effective December 14, 2019, which means the FSO community is losing the “FSO Test” and “FSO Orals” Yahoo Groups, and all the files will be permanently deleted. Source. This is really bad news. For those of you who do not know, these two online groups have been instrumental to many

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Becoming a FSO

It’s Not Failure If You Keep Trying: The FSOT

I’ve heard it said before, some of the best things in life only come after failure. This is great, and very supportive in a father to son kind of fashion, but there is a piece missing. I think that the important lesson to take away from failing at something, is to understand that the only

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