Foreign Service Officer Salary: A Comprehensive Guide (2020 update)

The Foreign Service Officer salary is dynamic and ever-changing. Along with your promotion, each assignment can bring with it different danger pay, hardship pay, and cost-of-living adjustments that affect what you take home. Depending on international geopolitics, the strength of domestic and national currencies, and the size of your family, to name a few, your

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two laptops and two people reviewing a notebook preparing to apply to become a foreign service officer
Becoming a FSO

How to become a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) in 2020: Guide

This is the ultimate guide to help you become a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) in 2020. Along with the process to become an FSO, I will also share with you the steps you can take to best prepare and study for the personal narratives, the FSOT, and the oral assessment. Plus, if you are on

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update to the FSOT
Becoming a FSO

FSOT February 2020 Updates

Update: The FSOT in 2020 Beginning with the February 2020 FSOT, as a part of the registration process, candidates will be asked to complete their Personal Narratives (PNs). Candidates will be asked to address the following six areas: Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Management Skills, Intellectual Skills, and Substantive Knowledge. Each of the six

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Becoming a FSO

It’s Not Failure If You Keep Trying: The FSOT

I’ve heard it said before, some of the best things in life only come after failure. This is great, and very supportive in a father to son kind of fashion, but there is a piece missing. I think that the important lesson to take away from failing at something, is to understand that the only

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