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“the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”


The first step is the easiest, you want to become a Foreign Service Officer. The hard part is what follows. From start to finish, the application process averages one year and there are many hurdles along the way. If at any point you falter, you most likely need to start over. As they say, this is a marathon and not a sprint- and I am in it for the long haul.

With nearly 20,000 applicants a year taking the Foreign Service Officer Test in pursuit of this career, my story is just one of many. However, we all experience much of the same woes and joys as we strive for this opportunity.

From the basics to the interesting, and my personal experiences, Path to Foreign Service is your resource to help you along your way.

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Path to Foreign Service began as a blog to talk about my experience, but it has since grown into a community of individuals each trying to become an Officer and assisting one another. With publications, reading resources, and simulators, the website has turned into a repository of information and tools to help you become a diplomat!


Foreign Service Officer Salary:  A Comprehensive Guide

Foreign Service Officer Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER SALARY: A Comprehensive Guide (2017 Update) The Foreign Service Officer salary is dynamic and ever changing. Though your base salary, pegged to a Washington, D.C. cost of living, remains steady, each country has different allowances. Depending...

Single Foreign Service Officers: Dropping a Truth Bomb

Single Foreign Service Officers: Dropping a Truth Bomb

This week, Heather, from the blog Adventures Around the World, shares her perspective as a single "solo" Foreign Service Officer. Her story is one shared by many in the Service, but not one readily discussed because of its hard truths. A career in the Foreign Service...

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