Crash Course

Use Crash Course to Study for the FSOT

Sometimes we really need a crash course on a subject, and luckily there is a free YouTube channel that does this for us.

But what really makes it stand out, is how applicable it is to the FSOT!

The owners of Crash Course have one thing in mind, to make high quality fun education content that everybody can enjoy, for free. And you know what, they nailed it!

Each video averages 10 minutes and they all do one thing really well, they engage the audience. With excited hosts, animations, “thoughts bubbles”, and other cool tricks, they make sometimes dull information more interesting, or, more importantly, easier to learn.

Crash Course currently offers 18 courses (from sciences to world history), with many of them between 40-50 videos (put in a couple of hours each day for four days and you can easily knock out one of the larger courses). They have been arranged using YouTube’s playlist capability and you can easily search within a course for a specific aspect of that course.

Very cool!

Below I have pulled the courses that are the most relevant to the FSOT.

Happy studying!

U.S. History

U.S. Government & Politics

World History

World History 2


Intellectual Property


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