yahoo is shutting down yahoo groups

Yahoo is shutting down the FSO Yahoo Groups

Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups effective December 14, 2019, which means the FSO community is losing the “FSO Test” and “FSO Orals” Yahoo Groups, and all the files will be permanently deleted. Source.

This is really bad news.

For those of you who do not know, these two online groups have been instrumental to many applicants since the early 2000s, providing prompts, practice questions, guides, community, and more. These were the original “social media” groups before Facebook, Reddit, and others made their impact on the net.

Because of the historical knowledge and significance of the group, I do not want to see it lost to the internet ether. As such, over the last several days, I have gone and downloaded all of the files from these two groups and have made them available on Google Drive. 

Everybody has access to them.

For now the files are a bit of a mess. But they are all there. 

Over the next several months, as time permits, I will clean and organize the files for easier access. If you have difficulties accessing the files, please let me know.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your studies.

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11 thoughts on “Yahoo is shutting down the FSO Yahoo Groups”

  1. Hi Jack, thanks so much for this Herculean effort. If you see this and have time to respond: how does one find the actual messages? (Not sure if you were able to download those – I see a few files that contain digests of select messages.) Again, many thanks.

  2. Jack !!! man !!! I have no idea how to thank you beside saying it loud THANK YOU.
    I really appreciate that

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  4. You are awesome. I remember perusing through the group a couple years ago and I’m glad all that info wasn’t lost. Thank you Jack.

  5. You are great, thank you so much for all the work and time invested to help those in the pursuit to serve our country.

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