The June FSOT Is In Two Weeks!

The test is in two weeks!

Freak out!


No, not really.

It might be because I have already gone through this process but I am not stressing about the test.

Is it because I am 100% confident I will pass this time? Or, is it because I have lost interest in the FSO career?

A big NO on both accounts.

To take a cliché term, ‘what will be will be’, or using another phrase, c’est la vie.

If I pass then great, if I don’t… there is next year. There will come a time when “there is next year” will not bring me as much consolation, but for now it works. I think this is because of the research I have done and the knowledge that the average age of new FSOs entering this career are in their early 30s and that only 3-4% of individuals who take the FSOT become Officers. Then again, I am now in my late 20s.

Though becoming a FSO is most definitely my current end goal, I have come to consider it my Plan B. I won’t write about this now, but I welcome you to consider what I mean (I do promise to write a post on it soon).

So what will the next two weeks look like in regards of studying?

First, I will take the online practice test and see where I need practice. Yes, only being two weeks away I might be screwed if there is substantial knowledge I am lacking, but hopefully I just need to bone up on one or two things.

Second, I will read over the constitution and the amendments once more. Just like last year, right before the test, I become very well versed on the Articles, Bill of Rights, etc., and then slowly forget them. Is Article 1 on the Legislative or the Executive Branch? Are there 25 or 27 amendments to the Constitution? If you don’t know I suggest looking it up! Though this is a little corny, I have found a video, thanks Google, by Keith Hughes to help memorize some of the amendments (outside of the Bill of Rights).

Third, geography! I believe I know geography pretty well, I was the Geography Bee champ back in 5th grade (excuse me while I brush my shoulders off), but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a reminder! What’s the name of the sea above Iran? What’s the straight that connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean? What countries emerged from the breakup of Yugoslavia? Is it from West to East: Sweden, Finland, Norway, or Finland, Norway, Sweden, or Norway, Sweden, Finland (important to know if a question is asked on geopolitical power, the Baltics, and Russia!)? In brief, I will need to go over the capitals, major mountain ranges and bodies of water, and anything else that comes to mind while looking at the map on my wall. Sites that quiz you on geography such as Sporcle are great.

Fourth, a quick rundown on economics and management principles. What does GDP stand for, how does supply and demand interact with one another, is it acceptable as a supervisor to yell when a mistake is made? Again, just a refresher.

Fifth, and final, do more practice questions and do a few practice essays!


So that is my plan, what is yours? For all those taking the test in June, I say good luck to each of us!

Leave a comment if you have suggestions on resources folks can use to help study these last two weeks.


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