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It’s been a while since I last wrote, and that’s because this summer has been a very busy one. Work has been non-stop, I got engaged, and a house purchase is around the corner. Lots of big moves.

BUT, the one y’all are here because of is the Foreign Service. I took and passed the FSOT in June. I didn’t do so hot on the situational judgment section (first time with it), but I scored well on the other two parts, and received my highest essay score with an 8, and thus passed the test.

I then worked on, for two weeks, and submitted the PNs (six personal essays). This was my third attempt at the PNs. This time around, I put together a study group of around 15 people to read, edit, and submit suggestions on all our essays. This experience was fantastic, not just for myself, but I got a lot of positive reviews from the group. (I plan to write a post on it, but if I don’t get to it before you start your PNs, write to me, and I will help you set one up). At the end of the two weeks, I felt confident and submitted what I believed to be my strongest PNs.

Lo and behold, this past Friday morning I learned that I passed the QEP! The third time was the charm. ūüôā That was probably the best 6 am email I have received. Then, yesterday morning, I submitted my choice for the Orals, and it is booked. I now have to buckle down and study for this part of the process, which I have no experience with, but I am very much looking forward to passing (positive thoughts!).

My focus over the next several months will be limited to the three main tasks above, and for this reason, something had to give. I have been working over the summer to put together an online course for FSO takers. An ALPHA version is currently available to those interested, but it is missing content, though the simulators are available. Until after I take the Orals, I am stepping back from this project. I hope you all understand.

Until the next time I write, I appreciate your support, and I wish everybody the best of luck with the upcoming FSOT and Orals.

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2 thoughts on “Exciting news all around”

  1. Just wanted to drop a quick note and congratulate you on the hard work paying off. Your site is a tremendous resource so I’m glad to hear you are on your way to living the FSO dream!

    Excited for an update!

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