The FSOT Simulator

Created with you in mind, by someone who has been there!
The FSOT Simulator will help you prepare for the Foreign Service Officer Test.

Why I Created

The FSOT Simulator

Growing up, and still to this day, my father imparted his ‘isms’ to me- “Dadisms”.

There are many of them, but one that has stuck and I have implemented in many different aspects of my life, regardless if I was playing a video game, improving my skill in soccer, or studying for a test, was “practice makes perfect”.

Preparing for the FSOT, I kept this principle in mind. On top of reading the news and reviewing material I know I was weak in, I also bought study guides, downloaded apps with random questions, and pretended to take the test at home.

But these options had one major limitation… they did not simulate the FSOT to the fullest. Something was always missing, either timing, number of questions, or just “the feel” of taking it.

You might ask, why does it matter? I say to you, “practice makes perfect”.

In order to best prepare for the test, you want to simulate as much as possible the environment, the type and number of questions asked, how you are asked, and the time frame provided.

I created The FSOT Simulator to do just that.

What’s in the Simulator


The Job Knowledge Section

The JK Section is one of the hardest sections of the FSOT because of the range of questions you could be asked. The Simulator includes comparable questions to help you best prepare for it!

A Full Test: Time and Questions

You have 40 minutes to complete 60 questions. You need to practice for the real test as closely as possible, and the Simulator allows you to do this. No other offline or online tool offers this. Plus, you have the option to take the same test again!


Learn From Your Answers

At the end of the Simulator, learn why your answers are either correct or incorrect. Determine the areas you can better study for, and be directed to reading sources and tools to help you accomplish your learning initiatives!


Download Your Test Results

Download your results to PDF. From there you can save them to your computer and/or print them. Helping you review and learn is the most important thing. This is one more way you benefit with The FSOT Simulator.

See it in Action!


The FSOT Simulator is a great tool for those seriously interested in practicing for the Foregin Service Officer Test.

View the video and see why…

User Testimonials

“It was very straight forward and easy to use. I also liked that it reflected the real FSOT by being timed. I really appreciated the feedback after the test too.”

-Abby Harris

“It provides an excellent opportunity to practice on questions similar to the ones available on the FSOT exam. It also highlights the area(s) of weakness at the end of the test.”


“The explanations were amazing and a great help! It was super helpful to be able to download results and not only get an option to print or lose forever. It was also wonderful that you directed users to resources… Very well constructed and easy to navigate.”

-Rubi Vallee

“★ ★ ★ ★ ★- Great insight to the test. Simulator ran smoothly, and a great variation of questions.”

-Abdul Qureshi

Have Questions?

Does The FSOT Simulator only cover the Job Knowledge section?

Yes. The goal is to incorporate the english expression and the essay section into The FSOT Simulator in the future, but until then I want to make sure you have the opportunity to practice what is available.

Does taking The FSOT Simulator guarantee passing the FSOT?

Absolutely not, but it does prepare you for what it will be like. The FSOT Simulator is another means to practice for the actual test. Not only do you get to practice on similar questions, but you receive feedback on each question and suggested resources to look into.

Jack, are the questions in your simulator former FSOT questions?

The FSOT Simulator is of my own creation and so are the questions. They are meant to be similar to the scope, the number, and the type of discipline questions asked by the actual test. This simulator keeps to the principles and stipulations laid out in the Non-Disclosure Agreement. To the best of my ability and knowledge, non of the questions are from former FSOT questions I have participated in and nobody else has assisted me in the creation of these questions.

Why use the Simulator when I could just ask myself questions?

Very true. You could just ask yourself questions you find on the internet, from a study guide, or from your head, but then you are limited. The FSOT Simulator, as the name suggests, closely simulates the Job Knowledge section of the FSOT. This includes a full 40-minute countdown clock, 60 questions that are asked one at a time (so no accidental cheating by looking ahead), the type of questions asked (there are multiple disciplines from economics, to geography, to US Culture, and more), and an ‘answer later’ function. There is nothing else online or offline that has as many functions. Further, the goal of the Simulator is to prepare you to take the test as best as possible. This is a great resource to help you accomplish that.

Sounds wonderful, I want to try it! What happens after I sign up?

Great to hear! Once you register and have submitted payment, you will be directed to The FSOT Simulator dashboard. With the implementation of the dashboard, you can purchase The FSOT Simulator now and login later when you have the time and are ready to take it. Register for The FSOT Simulator!