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Hi there, I’m Jack, creator of pFS. If you desire to join the Foreign Service but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

As someone who is actively in the process of becoming a FSO, I think it is important to help others who are in the same boat. I created this page to help you on your journey, whatever step you may be on.

The Foreign Service Officer


The Foreign Service Officer (FSO) is a diplomat of the United States.

As a FSO, you advance the initiatives and goals of the U.S., while protecting U.S. citizens abroad. With over 270 diplomatic missions around the world, the FSO’s are the primary representatives in each host country.

Not just a career, but a lifestyle, the role of a FSO is unique. In moving to a new post every few years, you have the opportunity to visit numerous places, work with many cultures, and interact with different people.

For this very reason, your actions, both direct and indirect, have sustained impacts.

A highly sought-after career, becoming a FSO is a competitive and lengthy process, but a rewarding one once in.

The FSO Career Tracks


There are 5 career tracks, formerly called cones (unofficially still in use), that prospective FSOs have to choose from. You must make your track choice before you take the FSO Test, and as such this choice is very important. Once you become a FSO, it is very difficult to change from your chosen career track.

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