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The FSOT essay section constrains you in two ways: time and characters. Writing at home without limitations helps only so much. This simulator helps you handle the stress of balancing the two, by testing you on it.
This premium simulator will prepare you for taking the Job Knowledge section of the Foreign Service Officer Test. One of the best ways to learn, and with a track record. Many applicants have passed with its help.

Reading Material

The test covers a broad range of topics, these are the State Department suggested list of books to help you study and pass the FSOT.
Recognized as the essential guide to the Foreign Service. Everything you want to know, from the application to the role of U.S. embassies is in this volume.
Secretaries of State memoirs are historical records that express their views on the influence of U.S. foreign policy and the role they played in the administration.


This is Path to Foreign Service’s Facebook group. Have a question on the FSOT, other aspects of the application process, or just the Foreign Service in general? This is the plaec to do it.

The oldest of the four, the Yahoo group has been a staple for interested applicants to ask questions, find resources, and start study groups.

The Reddit group has a lot of information and is managed by current FSOs. Discussions tend to go beyond the FSOT, but a great place to determine current FSO concerns.

The official forum is where you want to go with technical questions and have them answered by a State Department rep (look for the green check).


One of the best productivity and organization apps out there, either as an individual or in a group. This is the tool that keeps me focused on my work, both for my career and this site.
Cloud storage is fantastic! All you need is the internet and then you have access to all of your files, no more searching for a hard disk. If you sign up through this link, you get a bonus 500 MB!
This proofreading tool is AMAZING! Much better than Microsoft Word, and the grammar checker has saved me from more mistakes than I care to mention. Highly recommend!
Find something really interesting online, but don’t have the time to read it right when you find it? Save it to Pocket! You will no longer have to wonder where that interesting article was!
This is your mobile work station! Your second brain. Any idea I have, whether I am studying for the FSOT, writing my next post or digitizing documents goes here.
Continued learning is essential! Coursera offers online courses from universities in a variety of subjects, such as social sciences, mathematics, economics, and more. Perfect to study and pass the FSOT!

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