Monthly Meeting: June 2019

For the first FSO Compass monthly meeting, we are joined by Taryn and Samantha who are both taking the FSOT in October 2019. 

This was a great first call!

If you are just starting out and looking for some direction, this call will help you out.

And speaking of direction… when you’re done listening to the replay, send a message to me at [email protected], and let me know what you think of the call.

Being the first, there was quite the learning curve: transcription, recording, editing, and hosting. I’ll get better as we do more. 

Until then, enjoy this first effort, because the content is great!

Questions answered in this call include:

  • Should I read all the books on the State Department suggesting reading list?
  • What should I do first to study for the test?
  • Why does FSO Compass exist?
  • How do you study for the situational judgment portion of the test?
  • And more!

Resources mentioned:

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