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The Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) is difficult for good reason – the State Department wants highly effective diplomats.  So make sure you practice with a highly effective FSOT practice test.

FSO Compass is your destination for courses, practice tests, and resources to help you prepare for the FSO application process.

FSO Compass: FSOT practice test

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FSO Compass is community led, which means practice tests, courses, and resources are made available by other applicants with you in mind. 

FSOT online course


The newest addition to FSO Compass. Courses to help you prepare and apply for the Foreign Service, take the FSOT, write your personal narratives, and prepare for the oral assessment.

FSOT practice test

FSOT practice test

The backbone of FSO Compass. Tests to help you practice for the Foreign Service Officer Test. Two simulators with over 50 questions each to prepare you for the essay and job knowledge practice tests.



An ever growing and expanding list of resources to help you practice for the application process. This list is user led. As new resources are found, they are added for members.

Sound familiar?

In preparing for the FSOT, you buy study guides, download apps, and visit random websites for guidance and random questions, all to try and mimic the test.

But it doesn’t “feel” like the actual test. 

Something is missing. Either in the timing, the number of questions, or the environment in which you are taking the FSOT.

So you keep looking for representative practice. Why? 

Because the best way to practice for any test, along with questions, is to simulate the test as much as possible! 

You want:

  • the environment;
  • the type and number of questions asked;
  • the way the questions are asked; and
  • the amount of time you are provided to take the test.

The FSOT practice tests on FSO Compass do just that! And, make suggestions on how to improve.

What people are saying:

“It provides an excellent opportunity to practice on questions similar to the ones available on the FSOT exam. It also highlights the area(s) of weakness at the end of the test.”


“It’s exactly what I needed!”

-Erin Schmiedl

“Thank you for making the FS practice tests! I thought they were great and I saved the PDF of results in my files so I can keep practicing!”

-Nicole Kuruszko

“I went ahead and purchased. I am finding the essay simulator fantastic as a study tool. Thank you again for making it available!”


“The variety of questions, the timer, and the ability to return to questions makes this 5/5.”

-Jean Mahony

“It provides a as real as possible experience and training for the test.”

-Sonia Amadeo

“Great insight to the test. Simulators ran smoothly, and a great variation of questions. ★★★★★”

-Abdul Qureshi

“The explanations were amazing and a great help! It was super helpful to be able to download results and not only get an option to print or lose forever. It was also wonderful that you directed users to resources… Very well constructed and easy to navigate.”

-Rubi Vallee

Get instant access to FSOT practice tests, courses, resource, and more on FSO Compass!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Very true. You could just ask yourself questions you find on the internet, from a study guide, or from your head, but then you are limited. The simulators closely replicate the Job Knowledge and Essay section of the FSOT.

For the Job Knowledge section this includes a countdown clock, 60 questions that are asked one at a time (so no accidental cheating by looking ahead), the type of questions asked (there are multiple knowledge areas from economics, to geography, to US Culture, and more), and an ‘answer later’ function. There is nothing else online or offline that has as many functions. Further, the goal of the simulator is to prepare you to take the test as best as possible. This is a great resource to help you accomplish that.

Likewise, for the Essay simulators you are provided with either three prompts or one prompt, and are limited to no more than 30 minutes to write. The prompts appear and the timer starts at the same time. This is the best way to practice for an unknown prompt, and to make sure you keep to the time and the character limit.

The simulators and questions are of my own creation. They are meant to be similar to the scope, the number, and the type of area questions asked by the actual test. This simulators keep to the principles and stipulations laid out in the Non-Disclosure Agreement. To the best of my ability and knowledge, non of the questions are from former FSOT questions I have participated in and nobody else has assisted me in the creation of these questions.

Absolutely not, and it would be dishonest to say it does. But what FSO Compass does is prepare you for the test and process. If you know what to expect, and practice, then you increase your opportunity to pass.

You get access to everything already inside FSO Compass straight away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in and start making use of the training straight away. As FSO Compass grows and new material is added, then you get immediate access as well.

If you’re not 100% satisfied you can easily cancel whenever you want in the account page with just two clicks of a mouse.

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